Reasons to read your work in progress on kindle or tablet

Uninspired Writers

This week I’ve started reading my work in progress on kindle. It’s not finished. I’m still on an early draft. But there’s a lot to be said for printing out your book, or reading it on a different device to your laptop/computer. Here are some reasons why you should read your work in progress on a kindle or tablet.

It gives you the opportunity to experience the story as the reader
Over the course of writing and editing your work you can become such an ‘insider’ that it’s impossible to tell how your story actually reads. Stepping away from reading it in your word processor, where you are either consciously or subconsciously in edit mode, can give you an outside perspective. It gives you a sense of how the story really comes across, and this is valuable for future edits.

Helps you to spot typos
As much as you…

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