Book #Review Sunday – Free

Are you a reader or an author? Put your reviews in front of over 17K followers. Did you review a book or receive a review that you’d love to showcase? This is the place to post it. Sundays on this blog will be dedicated to book reviews only.

If you send a book review, you can get free promotion with it by sending your book cover, blurb, and book links.

Up to four reviews will be posted to this site every Sunday. Only one post per author and Only 4 and 5 star reviews will be accepted. Format for Reviews:

  • In MS Word document, attach the following to an email:
    • About the Author (author bio and image)
    • About the Book (blurb and book cover)
    • Review by (Your Name or Whoever Reviewed It – if you didn’t review it, leave a link to the original review)
    • Star Rating
    • Buy Links for the book
  • Attach these images to the email:
    • Book Cover
    • Author Photo

Reviews are a good way to help an author receive more sales and a better ranking. It’s the best way a reader can help an author. For that reason, there are a few ground rules to abide by so read below.

  • Honest Reviews
  • 4 or 5 star reviews only accepted
  • Constructive Criticism Only (No rude or hurtful reviews or comments will be accepted)
  • Keep it clean (this blog is for all ages)

First come, first serve, so start sending. Contact me here to request space. I look forward to showcasing your work. See other days for promotion at The Writer’s Journey and Promote Yourself Saturdays.

Have you read the next bestseller. Let us know and we’ll attach the below graphic to your book review: