The Writer’s Obsession With Editing One Tiny Paragraph #SundayBlogShare #writer

This dreadful obsession can wreck writing days, it can bring unwanted tension into your home and it can leave you questioning your sanity. Once it strikes there is no escape. There are 5 sta…

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The Difference Between What Women and Men Read

A Writer's Path


by Ariel Kusby

When it comes to the difference between the reading habits of women and men, study after study has shown that females generally tend to complete more books per year, regardless of genre. While there is no definitive answer as to why this is true, female readership has undoubtedly increased over the past century.

Though women read more in general, they also tend to read more of certain genres and less of others. A 2007 NPR article reported that women account for eighty percent of the fiction market. Men, in contrast, have been reported to read more nonfiction, the most popular topics being history, politics, and business. Men are also more likely to read science fiction.

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RRBC Blog Tour Page

Let Life Begin

blog tour

Welcome to my second blog of this blog tour event. This is Let Life Begin by Jo Ann Wentzel! I hope you’re enjoying this RRBC Book and Blog Party. I have been delighted to meet so many of you by visiting your blogs or being visited on my own blog. We are so happy to be part of this event. I say we because my husband Dan, is my photograher for this blog. He does my website, helps with publicity and household chores so I have time to write. Sorry, for the brag but, he is vital to this enterprise. RRBC is a great book club and everyone should consider joining for author support and book exposure. Check for the rest ofthis month’s blog lineup here.

Just comment below to be entered for prizes. There will be three winners- $10 Amazon gift card, an autographed copy of It Begins…

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Important & Valuable Writer Activities That Are Hard To Start #writers #amwriting


Things A Writer Struggles To Start

Why are some writer activities so hard to get started?

In your head you visualise doing them with ease…and then you sit down at the table. An hour later and you are still sat at the table staring at what you are supposed to have started.

The frustrating thing about the activities we find difficult to start doing is that they are always the ones that are going to be of most value to us. *Eye roll*

Here are some writer activities that fit this bill:

  1. Writing Everyday (even when we don’t feel like it).This is a challenging activity to start doing because things like TV box sets, books, films, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest always seem far more appealing and its amazing how that feeling of tiredness can occur just as you decide to start writing. The only way to improve at our craft is to write everyday.
  2. Self…

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New Feminist Science Fiction Series Appeals to Readers of All Ages


Like most kids her age, seven-year-old Cheobawn spends most of her day lost in her own world, imagining ways to defy her parents. Unfortunately her parents are a coven of mind-reading, gene-splicing priestesses intent on building a futuristic Utopia on a savage planet.

And you thought your childhood was rough.

Black Bead, by JD LakeyAuthor J.D. Lakey re-released her series of science fiction novels, The Black Bead Chronicles, starting in January 2016. This riveting series of books features revised and expanded content — including maps and glossaries — as well as redesigned covers and interiors. Books one and two, Black Bead and Bhotta’s Tears, released in January of 2016, and book three, Spider Wars, came out in April 2016. The  remaining two novels in the series will be releasing in the Fall of 2016 and the Spring of 2017.

Fans of science fiction of all ages are raving about the series…

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Hook Your Reader (and use an outline to save time!)

Dan Alatorre - AUTHOR

Jenny, Allison and I discuss techniques to hook your reader, and whether an outline saves time – ATTENTION PANTSERS! – with author Leah Vernon (Impure)

Our in depth and insightful conversation with Leah has been spread out over the coming weeks, but you can see ALL the segments on our Writers Off Task With Friends YouTube channel.

Subscribe to the show’s channel, and as soon as new segments post, you will get a notice!

Then you can watch them or download them as MP4’s into your iPod and listen while you drive, shop, or vacuum the house. (I got that idea from Jenny. She said she listens as she vacuums.)

And if you’d like to come on Writers Off Task With Friends and share some wisdom you’ve gained from your writing experiences, use the Contact Me button to let me know!

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