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Okay, a bunch of you requested blurb clinics. And I was innocently sipping my coffee when I looked up and saw a swarm of fingers pointed at me, including one from Sarah as she rapidly ran away. I get it, I get it. The other people on this group blog write actual, y’know, books, and then try to write a blurb once a book. I write blurbs, and only every now and then try to write a book. So, blurb clinic!

To start with, I’m going to repost the text from the last blurb clinic, with three added notes:

1. Readers like characters with agency. This means the characters go places and do things, they don’t just have life happen while they’re there. Blurbs must reflect this agency – they must show your character going and doing and plotting. The shorthand for this is “Don’t use passive voice”, because nothing…

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SEO tips for your website.

Lizzie Chantree

Lizzie Chantree SEO Tips.jpg

Welcome to my blog. Today I thought I’d share 3 quick ideas about how you can improve the SEO on your website or blog. SEO is important as in ensures the visibility of your website and helps your content discoverability by search engines. This means that if someone puts a word in the search engine to find a topic, that your page is higher on the list than other peoples pages.

1.  You need SEO to provide clear navigation for the search engines to find your site. Make your articles relevant to your page and don’t veer too far off of subject. Too many terms on one site become confusing and don’t rank your site.

2 .  Write content that will keep visitors on your page and use internal links to interest them enough to stay on your site for longer. If they enjoy one article, they may like another…

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Kindle Unlimited: Movin’ on up (September 2017)



The Kindle Unlimited per-page rate increased for the second month in a row.

The September, 2017 rate of $0.00443 is a healthy boost over the August rate of $0.00419 and the July rate of $0.00403 per page.

Both of these increases followed the introduction of KENPC v3.0.

The KDP Select Global Fund for September, 2017 is $19.5 million.

Overall, Amazon is paying out more money per month than ever for Kindle Unlimited: The global fund has climbed over 20% over the past year.

That comes to over $200M per year, and that doesn’t even include royalties for ordinary sales—that’s just for pages read through Kindle Unlimited (and to a much lesser extent, Amazon Prime).

Copyright © 2017

Chris McMullen

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CreateSpace Stops Selling Books

Nicholas C. Rossis

CreateSpace-Amazon logos | From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's booksI’m sure many of you will have received the email from CreateSpace (CS) that announces how their own eStore will cease to serve customers on October 31st. Instead, customers will be redirected to Amazon.

CreateSpace explains that the move was made because of requests that their eStore is redeveloped to include the ability to search across the site, an improved checkout process, better shipping options including Amazon Prime, order tracking notifications, and a familiar user interface.

What Does This Mean For You?

My usual source for all things Amazon, Chris McMullen, has compiled bulleted lists of pros and cons which you can read to see how this will affect you.


The simple fact remains that CreateSpace currently offers a 20% higher royalty than Amazon. To ease the transition, it will adjust your Amazon royalty rates for six months effective November 1, 2017 through April 30, 2018, to…

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Mood and Atmosphere


Stories without mood and atmosphere have an incomplete feeling. They need substance and fleshing out. The dialogue has nothing physical to play against. The characters have no arena in which to move about, and little stage business to enhance the impact of their lines.

Mood and AtmosphereStories need atmosphere and mood so the audience can feel the words. Action and suspense thrive on atmosphere and mood because the reader must be involved in order to enjoy the story. You need to help the reader get involved, and creating a proper atmosphere or mood is one way to do it.

Suppose you searched for a cure to a child’s slow disintegration?

This is a suspense oriented scenario, and can be enhanced with some attention to atmosphere and mood. To heighten the suspense, the atmosphere and mood must be one of desperation and impending tragedy, growing despair and frustration.

To set up the mood…

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CreateSpace eStore is Closing Effective October 31, 2017


Image from ShutterStock.


Beginning October 31, 2017, customers will no longer be able to purchase paperbacks directly from the CreateSpace eStore.

If you have a link to your CreateSpace eStore and a customer clicks on it, the customer will be redirected to the corresponding page at

According to CreateSpace, the reasons behind the change include:

  • It’s much easier to search for books across Amazon’s site than it is to search for books on CreateSpace.
  • Amazon offers a much better checkout process than CreateSpace does.
  • Amazon offers better shipping options, including Amazon Prime.
  • Amazon sends out tracking notifications for orders placed through Amazon.
  • Amazon’s storefront is a much more familiar interface for customers.
  • Several customers have requested the features described above.

Unfortunately, when a customer clicks on a link to a CreateSpace eStore and is redirected to Amazon, authors will earn royalties (not eStore…

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16 Ideas of How to Promote Your Book Before and During Launch

A Writer's Path

by Anna del C. Dye

To promote or not, that is the great dilemma. If you are an author, you have to promote your book or no one will know it is there. Besides, even if you are traditionally published you are expected to promote your book. If you ask me, promoting is the least fun thing you do as an author. After all, you want to move on into your next book, not spend hours convincing people that they should buy your book.

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Being Psychic


Pebble Beach Coast Before Coming Storm

Halloween is coming soon and for a treat, I thought I would write about being psychic.

Being Psychic

What would it mean to your everyday life if you had visions or saw spirits? How would it feel?

These are the questions I ask myself, so I did what comes natural—research. If you really think about it, it could be a bit frightening. When I first began writing the Lana Malloy series, I emailed Sylvia Browne, a well-known psychic. She gave me advice on a question I had. But for this research, I wasn’t sure where to start, so I searched the Internet for psychic medium interviews. I wanted to hear their story in their own words.

The first psychic medium I found during my search, Carole Lynne. In her own words she said, “I use psychic energy to do mediumistic work.” She communicates with those who have passed over into the spirit world. As a child, she had conversations with what she called a spiritual energy, and she felt directed by a Supreme Being. She learned she was extremely psychic, the images of spirits came much later in life. Her mediumship then bloomed.

Carole gave free readings, but around 1997 she began working as a psychic medium professionally.

Carole Lynne has five books listed on Amazon. Among those are “Are You Psychic, or Making it Up”, “How to Get a Good Reading From a Psychic Medium”, “Heart and Sound (Discover Your Soul Voice)”, “Cosmic Connection (Messages for a Better World)”, and “Consult Your Inner Psychic”.

I’ve always felt that we all have a bit of psychic in us. We just don’t know how to channel or embrace it. Or we don’t believe in ourselves enough. I’m curious. Has anything ever happened to you that you couldn’t explain? Some type of déjà vu? I’d love to hear about it. Leave a comment.

What would you do if you were haunted by your dead ex? Find out how Lana and her bestfriend, Demi, help Jena escape Bryon’s wrath. If you like your books with cutting edge psychics and spirits, read the Lana Malloy Paranormal Mystery series. Here are some review quotes from my latest release, Haunted by Her Past:

“…author takes a very delicate issue and provides an awesome support circle for Jena…”

“Another great addition to the series!!”

“What a powerful book, scenes so intense I felt I was there…”

“What a great story!”

“This book takes you through a maze of feelings and emotions!”

“…it was a terrific roller coaster ride!”

You can grab your copy by clicking the ad copy below:

Get a Free Book by Author, Betsy Flak

Betsy is an engineer and the author of her own unique adventures, filled with supernatural abilities, heart-stopping action, the battle between good and evil, and, of course, romantic interests galore.

Her free book is The Impossible Adventure:

It’s the start of your junior year at North Fruitvale High School. Although the summer was full of ominous reports of missing people, you’re determined to make this year better than ever. Then your best friend Paige starts dodging your texts and showing up late. At the same time, two new kids join your class. For some reason, they don’t like Paige.

Will you survive long enough to discover why?

The Impossible Adventure is the first entry in a series of interactive stories where you choose what happens, set in the world of The Clan-Vampire Clash. If you like sinister villains (and maybe becoming one), complicated superheroes (yup, you can become one of those too), and supernatural suspense mixed with high school drama, you’ll love The Impossible Adventure.

Choose The Impossible Adventure today!

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How to Find a Good Editor for Your Book

A Writer's Path

by Emily Nemchick

We all know how it goes. You write a knockout book, but that’s only the beginning. Getting from The End to publication can be a real headache, and a big part of that headache is finding an editor who is affordable, professional and available when you need them.

There are simply thousands of editors to choose from. Post a ‘Need an Editor’ ad on any forum or message board and you’ll be inundated with folks eager to help you out. But. How do you know if they are actually any good?

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How Not to Write: The Anti-Writing Writing Method

Drew Chial

So your writing is flowing too fast. The spark of inspiration has set your mind ablaze and your fingers hurt from typing. Stephen King says you should write 3,000 words a day and you’re lapping him: 6,000 words a day, 9,000 words a day. You’re so prolific your beta readers feel like you’re swamping them with homework and your inbox is teeming with acceptance letters. Even your coffee table is overflowing with magazines and collections you’ve been featured in. Everybody is buying what you’re selling. Hollywood has optioned so many of your stories that all your liquid assets are tied up in forthcoming films.

Your writer’s workshop has added nights to discuss your work. You try pump the breaks, to give the other writers around you a chance to catch up, but you finish stories in line at Chipotle. You’re frequently asked; “Are you typing right now?” while you’re appearing…

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