Authors beware, watch out for this scam

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Tis the season for scamming everyone with a pulse.

More scammers appear every day, like ants at an all they can eat picnic. These varmints call,  text, email and show up on Facebook and Twitter.

Y’all need to watch out for this scam. A company preying on writers want to sell books and reach readers. Apparently, this particular scam has been around for a few years but I  heard about them until…

Today they tried to hook me. 

Now let me tell you, getting through on my home phone is no easy feat. A few months ago we bought a landline phone with Smart Call Blocker. This phone screens out all robo calls unless I’ve added a number (like a docs office) to the directory.

So, anywho—when the phone rings I expect someone I know and have approved to be on the line.

But today I picked up the phone and…

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Kindle Unlimited Per-Page Rate Continues to Rise (November, 2017)



Through July, 2017, the Kindle Unlimited per-page rate had been spiraling downward.

But Amazon introduced KENPC v3.0 before it could drop below $0.004 per page.

The per-page rate has steadily climbed since.

  • November: $0.00463 per page
  • October: $0.00456 per page
  • September: $0.00443 per page
  • August: $0.00419 per page
  • July: $0.00403 per page

The KDP Select Global Fund also hit a new record high.

  • November: $19.8 million
  • October: $19.7 million
  • September: $19.5 million
  • August: $19.4 million
  • July: $19.0 million
  • June: $18.0 million

It’s nice to see the per-page rate rising alongside the KDP Select Global Fund.

However, at some point the per-page rate will reach a plateau, whereas the KDP Select Global Fund has risen steadily for years.

I remember the days when the KDP Select Global Fund was below $10M. I remember the people who claimed that $10M would just be the gravy to…

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What Do Christmas and a Gettysburg Legend Have in Common?

From the Pen of Mae Clair

I’m happy to have my good friend, Staci Troilo, on the blog today, along with her delightful novella, When We Finally Kiss Goodnight. If you’re looking for a Christmasy read you’ll want to grab this one—especially since Staci is offering it at such a fabulous price. She’s even brought along a bit of folklore and history to introduce it. Take it away, Staci . . .

Banner ad for When We Finally Kiss Goodnight by Staci Troilo shows ereader with book cover on parchment style background with text

Hi, Mae. Thanks for having me back today. I’m happy to be here, visiting with you and your readers. (Hi, Mae’s readers!)

There are two things that interest me. Okay, there are a lot more than two, but these two are near the top of my list—romance and the supernatural. If I can mix the two together? That makes me really happy.

And that’s what I got to do in my Christmas-themed novella, When We Finally Kiss Goodnight.

Although the story is primarily…

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How to Crop a Circle (PhotoShop Tutorial)



The first step is to select the Marquee Tool on the PhotoShop toolbar.

In all the versions of PhotoShop that I’ve used, this toolbar appears on the left side of the screen.

The Marquee Tool is the second button on the toolbar.

The two most common options are the Rectangular Marquee Tool and the Elliptical Marquee Tool.

We’ll first try a rectangular crop, since that’s more common. Don’t worry, we’ll apply a circular crop soon.

Select the Rectangular Marquee Tool.

Left-click at one point in the picture that you would like to be one of the four corners of the rectangle.

As you drag your cursor, a dotted rectangle will appear.

It will tell you the width and height of the rectangle as you drag.

When you are happy with your rectangular selection, let go of the mouse button.

If you make…

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Amazon Reviews Now Require a $50 Minimum Customer Spend



Customers used to be able to write a review at Amazon as long as they had made a purchase.

Amazon now requires customers to spend a minimum of $50 using a valid credit/debit card before they can write a customer review.

This is one of several steps that Amazon has made over the years in an effort to improve the customer review system.

Amazon strives for organic customer reviews.

Organic reviews are the best reviews you can get.

For years, Amazon has effectively blocked reviews that are posted by friends and family of authors.

Verified purchase reviews now have an advantage over non-verified reviews when it comes to visibility on Amazon.

Amazon uses machine learning to help determine how prominently a review will display on a product page.

This new $50 minimum customer spend is another of many steps in the right…

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Throwback Thursday: 4 Ways to Handle Backstory

A Writer's Path

Throwback Thursday is a series where we take a look back at some of AWP’s most popular posts. Enjoy!

by Andrea Lundgren

Every story has exposition–details of the character and world that you, as the author, need to pass on to the reader. You’ve spent hours fleshing out the world of your story and learning about your characters, and now you have to find some way of getting this information (or at least the essential part) from your head to the readers’. (This is especially true in science fiction and fantasy, where you need to tell how the world of the story differs from our world.)

So what’s an author to do?

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Do you think Bestseller lists have lost value?

Jean's Writing

Do you know what it means to be a bestselling author?

Well, for one thing, it may no longer mean a lot of books were sold. Think about that for a minute.

These questions, plus a few more, bounced around in my mind after reading a blog post on the Texas Authors website. (If you live in Texas be sure and check out this great organization.) Now back to the blog post that caught my attention.

Does Anybody Know What a Bestseller Is? By John Maher, with reporting by Rachel Deahl and Claire Kirch | Nov 03, 2017

The post pointed out something I’m sure most of us have noticed or read about, an overabundanceof categories and subcategories on Amazon. You name it and the giant e-tailer most probably has a subcategory for the subject. Under Art & Photography, I counted 17 subcategories, one named Vehicle…

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Day 12 of the 12 Days of Indie Event

Welcome to day 12 of Our Write Side Presents: 12 Days of Indies. From December 1st thru December 12th Write Side will bring you a host of delicious books all on sale for the Holidays. The prices range from $2.99 to free.

Challenge: Purchase at least 1 book from the list each day. At the end, each should have 12 books to read for next year! how awesome is that?

A Special Holiday gift! Subscribe to Our Write Side newsletter, as that’s where the announcement will be when the 12 Days of Indie ends.

Each time you purchase a book, enter your receipt into the rafflecopter as one entry towards a drawing for this collectible reading mug!

We have an awesome mix of books from $2.99 to free, from Holiday Romance to Sci-fi, and about everything in between, so be sure to come back each day to see the list for that day.

And today’s top picks are:

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Thanks so much for joining us for this awesome event, and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for a special Holiday bonus and awesome bookish goodness to come!

We will announce the winner of the Rafflecopter in the e-newsletter as well.

Don’t want the bookish goodness to end? Check out Rose Montague’s 12 Days of Indie Facebook Event starting tomorrow!

Until next time,

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How Charles Dickens Influenced the Self-Publishing Industry

A Writer's Path

by Kelsie Engen

Charles Dickens is perhaps one of the most influential authors in the world. He was a prolific writer in his day, publishing something like 15 novels, a handful of novellas, numerous short stories, both fiction and non-fiction.

With the advent of self publishing, there has been the return of different methods of releases, namely serials.

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Writing Links 12/11/17

Where Genres Collide


Writing Links…12/11/17

Traci Kenworth


  1. Austrian characters.
  2. The legend of La Befana.
  3. Jenny’s interview with The Author’s Show.
  4. The gods and goddesses at war.
  5. Christmas villains.


  1. A MG reader tells what she looks for in books.
  2. MG books with science in them.
  3. My first book had a wake-up scene, lol. I would also like to see a little more reality for disabled people as in no magical cures. We can be just as happy as anybody else.
  4. On surviving rejection.
  5. How the picture book grew from a cake-eating monster.

Romance/Women’s Fiction:

  1. It’s all in the details.
  2. On getting your right back to your stories.
  3. On habit words. One of mine is so, lol. I even find it creeping into this blog sometimes.


  1. On acquiring another agency.
  2. Using personality tests to create characters.

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