Early Season Deals and Specials

I hope this post finds you in good spirits and ready for the shopping season. What type of shopper are you? Done by September or last minute. I’m somewhere in between, meaning I haven’t started, yet, but I will finished long before Christmas Eve.

To get you started, check out the deals and specials below:

Early December Cozy Mystery Sale

99-Cent Cozy Mysteries (some Christmas-Themed)

Just click on the image below:

99-Cent Sale

Get Out or Die – Kindle Countdown Sale

Began 11/30/2018 (8 a.m.)
Ends 12/2/2018 (midnight)
Hurry and get your copy while the sale lasts.

An Impatient Fiancé, a Paranormal Investigator, and a Vigilante Ghost

Lana struggles with a personal decision while investigating a house inhabited by an angry ghost. She doesn’t need distractions. She needs to focus. If she doesn’t, it could be the end of her.

Tony  wants Lana to set a date for their wedding.

Will Lana be able to control the ghost situation and give Tony an answer? Will the ghost sense he can overtake her?

If you love cutting-edge paranormal mystery with a bit of romance and humor, Get Out or Die is for you.

Get your book now and take advantage of the low cost.

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Free Short Story

A Port in the Storm by Elizabeth Delisi

Brian Nolan gave up his high-pressure job in the big city and moved back to his childhood home in Southingly, Vermont. He enjoys his job with the town roads department, plowing in winter and landscaping in summer. It doesn’t pay much, but he’s done the “Corporate America thing” and has no interest in wealth that comes with an ulcer and a broken relationship.

The only problem is, lately Brian feels something is lacking in his life, some need is going unfulfilled. And he knows he’ll never be completely happy until he discovers what it is.

Little does Brian know he’ll find his reason for living stranded in a snowstorm.

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Specially priced 6-book bundle:


$29.94 $19.95


This 6-book Sweet Cozy Mystery series features out-of-work actresses living in western North Carolina employed by a Personal Mourning firm. Each actress stumbles upon a mystery during the job they work and must work to solve it. Pre-order the complete set to not only save $10 (that’s like getting 2 books for free), but also to receive the full set on November 2 when book 1 launches. Are you ready to dive into this great new series?

Bundle Link: https://bit.ly/2D8xuZg
Amazon: https://amzn.to/2yBDp4O

Book Recommendation

Since All Is Passing

Marie is determined to rescue a kidnapped child.

When Marie Kenning witnesses the kidnapping of a child, she relives the horror of the death of her own child and husband.

Officer Chris Whitley takes on the case—and an interest in Marie—but evidence quickly indicates the child is dead.

Days later, Marie stumbles across the kidnapper and his very-much-alive victim. Unable to convince the man she loves of the truth, Marie sets out alone on a dangerous cross-country mission to save the child.

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Fantasy Author

Brandon Barr was asked to speak at 20Books Vegas 2017 Conference where they asked him to tell his story, how he was able to publish while still fighting cancer. At that time, he was in remission. A year later and cancer took him from us.

Brandon spoke about legacy, the books that would live on and the stories that everyone needs to tell. He talked about focusing and achieving what you want to achieve. Brandon spoke in front of 400 authors and aspiring authors. They cheered him on, buoying his spirits.

Brandon left behind a wife and three kids. A number of authors got together and have been promoting a relaunch of his work for the past couple months. His family appreciated the work that Brandon had done—work that will provide a cushion for their future. There are ways we can help. If you read fantasy or urban fantasy or have a remote interest, give his books a chance.

Every sale is a good sale and helps pay the bills for a family who just lost their primary breadwinner.

Brandon’s Author Page

Rogue Mage (published by LMBPN)

Song of the Worlds series

And finally, a GoFundMe that benefits Brandon’s family


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