The right ingredients make for a great novel

Jean's Writing

Leave one ingredient out and your story will fall flat as a flitter.

Fallen Cake from Jean's Writing

Yeah, that’s right a story can fall flat just like a cake or soufflé. I can remember my mother yelling, “Don’t slam the door, my cake will fall.”

Of course, nowadays, that’s not much of a problem unless you make your cakes from scratch instead of a box.Betty Crocker Cake Mix available at Amazon - Jean's Writing

Okay, back to a flat story. To avoid your story falling flat, you might want to read this great post by Bridget at Now Novel. She gives us a good recipe for writing a really good novel. Check your story against her list of ingredients.

Recipe file card and wooden spoon - Jean's Writing

What I learned from Bridget about adding the right ingredients:

Ingredients for a good story - graphic - Jean's Writing

Click and read all of Bridget’s tips for more details.

Writing a good book: 10 ingredients of great novels

Do you have everything on her list?

Did she forget an ingredient you like to…

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