Add Glitter To Old Stories

The Long and Short Stories of Life

Make something new today. Handwritten lettering

It’s time to go back and revisit those old short stories and novels you wrote years ago and tucked away. Did you print them as hard copies, stick them in an envelope, and place them on the back of the shelf? Or, did you remove them from your hard drive and place them on a memory stick to save space? It’s a cinch they weren’t half bad. I’m betting your terrible is another man’s “kinda good”. So, if there’s a glimmer of worth to them, why not freshen them up for 2018?

Let’s say your old novel was three quarters complete, but you couldn’t figure out where you’d take it. How about someplace new and different? If it started out as a romance why not make it dark by turning your love interest into an obsessed stalker? Instead of trying to figure out if he loves her, your heroine, using everything…

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