Shirley Harris-Slaughter


You have been such a supportive member since the first day you joined and so you deserve your time in the spotlight. I am delighted to host you.

Title: Do You Judge An Author By His Or Her Genre?

You’d be surprised how many people make assumptions about authors’ personalities based on their works’ genre. Horror writers have dark, twisted minds and are capable of committing the atrocities they write about. Erotica writers are perverts. Writers of romance tend to be like their heroines—beautiful women who are lavished with flowers, candy and romantic dinners by more lovers than they can handle (and who all resemble Ryan Reynolds, Zac Efron, Gerald Butler, or Idris Elba) And comedic writers––well, they’re all clowns who don’t take life seriously enough. Really? Come on, people!

I have lost count of how many times friends and acquaintances have been shocked when…

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7 thoughts on “CONGRATULATIONS #RRBCSpotlightAuthor @VashtiQV #RRBC

    • You’re welcome! I have Lilith and hope to read it soon, but at least this year. There was a Lilith on the Supernatural TV show that was one scary demon (fallen angel). I have so many books I want to read. I’m doing the Goodreads challenge. My only time to read is during breaks at the day job, so I don’t get to read as much as I would like. My 2017 challenge was 30 books and I read 33. Upped the challenge to 40 this year, (I’m almost done with the third book this month) but hoping to read at least 50. I don’t speed read. I have to absorb every word. I’ll try to mix some short and long books each month. (My plan is one long to two short books (100 or less to 150 pages).

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      • That’s wonderful news, Kim! I hope you enjoy, The Fall of Lilith when you get around to reading it. I’m not speed reader either. Like you, I like to savor the books I read, I highlight areas that I love, and so on. I think 40-50 books is a great pledge. Good luck! Have a great weekend! ❤

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  1. Hi Kim. Thank you for sharing. I know Vashti Q appreciates it. When are we going to see you on tour? I should be asking myself that question. Lol

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