Do you need help with dialogue?

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Do your characters sound realistic?

The dialogue in my work-in-progress sounded a little stilted to me. So I was excited to find a helpful post.

No one wants their characters to sound like robots.

We all want the characters in our story to jump out at the reader. To engage them and give them fun “ah-ha” moments. Maybe connect a character to a friend or family member. Nothing would make me happier than to hear, “That character reminded me of my best friend. Did you spy on us?”

After reading Gina Conkle’s post, I learned…

  • Tags are not stop signs.
    • Use them judiciously.
  • Don’t overuse non-verbal cues.
    • Be creative.
  • Men speak differently than women.
    • This is something we know but forget to incorporate into a manuscript.
    • Viva la difference.
  • Not all character voices are created equal.
    • Men command, women, have conversations.
  • Dyads
    • Even in a group setting, the conversation is between two dominant characters.
    • Unless…

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