Create a Crave and Give Your Characters an Added Dimension

The Long and Short Stories of Life

I love a pretty shoe. Jimmy Choo, Manolo Blahnik, and Christian Louboutin—they light up my eyes and cause my heart to race. I walk into a fine department store, head for the shoe section, and just breathe in the new shoe air. My eyes caress the soft leather and stroke the many colors. Sometimes, I try them on.

Designer heels Image by

I am deceptively clever at getting the sales people to bring them out to me. The secret is to dress well, and look as though you have nothing but disdain for shopping. Alas, shopping is a necessity so, bring me those Jimmy Choos in a size eight, please!

After I’ve admired them in the full-length mirror, I quietly remove them, slip them back into the box, and go on my way. I didn’t say that I own a pretty shoe. I just love them. The higher the heel…

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