Why Your Second Draft Is About Holding On & Letting Go #MondayBlogs #Writers



Second drafts are hard!

The best quote to sum up a second draft is from the film The Matrix (1999).

‘Buckle your seatbelt Dorothy, because Kansas is going bye-bye!’ – Cypher

The second draft changes everything. In some cases it can lead to your first draft becoming unrecognisable.

This is the drafting stage where all hell breaks loose as you change the plot around, ditch characters, rewrite the opening chapter about a thousand times and have many sleepless nights questioning why you are putting yourself through so much literary pain. It is also a passion killer of a draft as you are forced to say goodbye to those heady, fun filled first draft days and get serious – ugh!

For me, the second draft has been total literary carnage. I am rewriting the first draft of my romance novel and the experience has left me emotional, craving coffee and looking…

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