The Journey of Writing: Where Are You Going?

Archer's Aim

With the release of The Bow of Destiny on 9/28 I’ve been doing podcast, blog talk radio and blog interviews. As such, I’ve been getting a number of good questions, one of which is: “Where are you going as a writer?”

Compass1Since an interview is short you find that your answers need to be truncated. However, having a blog means that I can follow up some of my answers with a broader explanation. Here’s my expanded answer to the question above.

There are several aspects to my goals as a writer over the next five years. The past five years have been spent updating my writing craft, building an author platform and getting a book ready for publication. But I must have a proverbial course charted as best I can of where I’d like to go with my writing. However, when you make such plans I think it best to…

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