S M Spencer Author of Destiny – Book One of the Absent Shadows Trilogy #RRBC

Fiction Favorites

I am pleased to welcome S M Spencer to Fiction Favorites today. She is the author of Destiny, which is book one of the Absent Shadows Trilogy and she is on a 4 Wills Publishing Absent Shadows Tour. Welcome to Fiction Favorites,

SandyDestiny by S. M. Spencer

Hello, and thanks for stopping by on my blog tour!  I would like to thank John for having me here, and also 4Wills Publishing for organizing this tour for me. To see all the stops on the tour, check out their website:



A lot has been written about the various POV options, as well as the pros and cons of each. I’ve Googled the topic, read articles and a multitude of chapters in editing books and even so I find some of the discussions can get rather confusing. So, how do I go about choosing between the various POV options? Well…

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