S M Spencer Author of Destiny – Book One of the Absent Shadows Trilogy #RRBC

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I am pleased to welcome S M Spencer to Fiction Favorites today. She is the author of Destiny, which is book one of the Absent Shadows Trilogy and she is on a 4 Wills Publishing Absent Shadows Tour. Welcome to Fiction Favorites,

SandyDestiny by S. M. Spencer

Hello, and thanks for stopping by on my blog tour!  I would like to thank John for having me here, and also 4Wills Publishing for organizing this tour for me. To see all the stops on the tour, check out their website:



A lot has been written about the various POV options, as well as the pros and cons of each. I’ve Googled the topic, read articles and a multitude of chapters in editing books and even so I find some of the discussions can get rather confusing. So, how do I go about choosing between the various POV options? Well…

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To the Bleeding Edge and Beyond!

Archer's Aim

So you’ve been writing for a while but you don’t feel like you’ve been getting to where you really want to be creatively. You’ve read, researched and even taken some workshops to improve your craft. These are all important to understanding how to build a good book.

The EdgeBut, there’s still something missing from your work.

Maybe what your doing feels like it’s well-trodden territory. In that case the advice would be to get out on the edge and really allow yourself to be creative. No, not The Edge from U2. I mean that ephemeral creative place that’s at the edge of what’s – well – out there. You go to work on various creative exercises and maybe even try to experience life to stimulate your creativity.

So you get to that edge and find there are other people there too. In fact, it’s quite crowded. You see other people are…

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Liz Gavins Blog

Today I’m delighted to present Rebecca Reilly as my first PIF assignment. On March 8th 2015, I hosted one stop at her 4Wills Publishing Blog Tour and I figured I should re-post her blog at the time because it’s an excellent opportunity to know her a bit better.

RebeccaReillyheadshotweb copy_0001

A Conversation with Rebecca Reilly

Author of Haunting Megan 

Tell us about your writing process.  Do you map out all the details of your stories in advance, or do your stories evolve organically?

I do not map out my stories. I love the creative freedom of organic writing.  A conversation, a jog through the forest, or stumbling upon a new location triggers an idea.  I dream through it, usually while I hike or jog.  I spend time getting to know my key characters before I begin.  Once I start writing, my characters drive the story.  I am often surprised where they take…

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On Tour – Jason Zandri -Author of “I, Hero: Nathan Returns” #RRBC

Fiction Favorites

Book Cover (3)JASON CROP (1)

I am pleased to welcome Jason Zandri to Fiction Favorites. Jason is on tour to promote his book I, Hero: Nathan Returns. Jason, welcome.

Thanks, John. It is with great pleasure that I introduce to everyone, via the blog tour, the very first look at “I, Hero: Nathan Returns”.

I, Hero: Nathan Returns – Excerpt I


The morning sun rose over the horizon and immediately began to heat the crisp morning air.

A middle-aged woman sat on a park bench with a small, mixed breed dog on a leash. The dog sniffed around at the grass to the left rear of the bench and the woman turned her back to face her dog.

She was holding her smart phone and had ear buds in her ears. She listened to music that played while an older gentleman with white hair, dressed in a long suit coat, came along. He moved alongside the…

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Ten Things Not to Do On a Monday

Fiction Favorites

This list was inspired by facing Monday over 3800 times so far. Each and everyone was a little different, and it was not because of the day but rather because of the day before. Hope you enjoy it.


Ten Things Not to Do On a Monday

10 On Monday, do not bustle into the office as if you don’t have a hangover. If you do, at best you will broadcast your desperate condition. At worst, you may just burn out by ten o’clock and will have a rough time explaining how you managed to sleep at your desk until after everyone went home. (And you were drooling too)

9 On Monday, do not go into your boss’s office with a demand for higher pay. If you do, at best you can expect a locked door next time. At worst your boss is fighting a bad headache, and you are now…

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Top Ten Things Not to do on a Sunday


Fiction Favorites

The inspiration for this list came from spending over 3800 Sundays so far and not making the best decisions always on how to spend the day. Now that this is Monday maybe there is enough time to plan for next week. Hope you enjoy it.

a Monday

Top Ten Things Not to do on a Sunday

10 On a Sunday, do not clean out the garage. If you do, at best you will only rearrange the junk since trash day is at the end of the week. At worst, you will find several long-lost repair projects that you totally forgot to finish.(Hiding them again may not be practicable)

9 On a Sunday, do not use a leaf blower. If you do, at best your neighbors will call upon the Almighty to forgive you. At worst, the person next door who you thought was a minister turns out to be a coven leader…

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IWSG Day- What Are You Doing to Drive Traffic to Your Blog?

Paving My Author's Road

IWSG badge

It’s that time again. It’s Insecure Writer’s Support Group day. A day where I and other IWSGers post every first Wednesday of the month. To share and encourage, and talk about our doubts and fears. And our successes. As we continue paving out author’s road on this neverending writing journey. And who do we have to thank for creating this writer’s haven? Founder and creator, Alex J. Cavanaugh.

You can find out more about the group by clicking the badge. And don’t forget to check out this month’s co-hosts: Charity Bradford, S.A. Larsen, AJ, Tamara Narayan, Allison Gammons, and Tanya Miranda!

PS Our hashtag on Twitter is #IWSG

You might’ve noticed something different with my blog today. No, wait, it’s rather glaringly obvious. I’m experimenting with my posting time. I’d always scheduled my blog content to publish Mondays and Fridays at 8 am. Although, I’m currently posting once a week on Mondays now.

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