Letting Go into Perfect Love by Gwendolyn Plano

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Recently I was asked “What did you struggle the most with while writing Letting Go into Perfect Love?”
This was an interesting question for me because my book is about the journey of life, and as any of us can attest, the journey includes deep sorrows. I cried a lot when I wrote my book, because my heart was free to do so. But my struggle was not about sorrows.
The most difficult writing task was sharing my experiences of angels. My career in education was built on logic and proven facts; my experiences of angels defied such knowledge. To publically share these encounters meant risking my academic credibility. The angel visitations were like nothing I had ever known before, and I felt very vulnerable writing about them. Yet, these ethereal beings were integral to my life story. In the end, I chose to speak my truth and let readers…

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There is a reason writers write. For some of us, there is a message lodged in our heart that longs for expression. In my case, I wanted to share my journey in the hope that others might better understand their own.
When I began writing my book, I expected to simply tell my story. As the pages unfolded though, I realized that my story was everyone’s story. The details of my journey are unique to me of course, but the emotions accompanying those…

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