100 Mostly Small But Expressive Interjections


I often have trouble with these silly little words, but forgot I had this list until I was looking for something else. It is by Mark Nichol on DailyWritingTips. The two that I have the most trouble with are ‘ew’ and ‘uh-uh.’ You never know when your character may need to use one of these! I hope you find these helpful too. I should print this out and keep it beside my computer.

They often seem disreputable, like sullen idlers loitering in a public thoroughfare, but they actually do a lot of hard work and are usually persnickety about the tasks to which they are put. They are interjections — one class of them, anyway: those lacking etymological origins but packed with meaning.
But how do you know how to distinguish similar ones — or spell them, for that matter? Here’s an incomplete inventory of interjections (not including variations of…

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