Interesting Words


While cleaning out my files I came across a number of torn out pages from various magazines. One was from an old issue of Readers Digest with a list of words; some of which I found particularly interesting. My personal comments are at the end of each explanation, after the dash.

pooh-bah – pompous, self-important person; an official holding many offices at the same time  After Pooh-Bah, a character in Gilbert & Sullivan’s The Mikado.  -This made me wonder how many other words evolved from movie, TV, or book characters.

jeremiad – long list of woes or complaints, ex: His book was a melodramatic confessional and jeremiad. After Jeremiah, Biblical Hebrew prophet who lived from the seventh to sixth century B.C. -Now I have to go back and read Jeremiah to see if that’s all he was known for–complaining.

putative – supposed; believed to be; as…

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