October Event Coming Soon: FALL INTO GREAT READS!

31 DAYS!

Each day Traci will feature a new author on her blog whose work she’s personally read and reviewed. There will be a fun mix of interviews, excerpts, book trailers, contests, and more! The featured authors will be from various genres to offer a little bit of something for everyone.

This tour will offer readers a chance to thank and/or interact with their favorite authors … and hopefully find MORE favorites!

If you miss even one day, you might miss something special!

The first author post will begin October 1st.

Here is the lineup!

Is your favorite on this list???

Amy Lynch – Romance/Chick-lit

Anita Kovacevic – Children’s/Urban Fantasy

Annie Hughes – Young Adult

Ava Mallory – Cozy Mysteries

Bethany Turner – Romance

Beth Hale – Romance

Bette Stevens – Children’s/Drama

Bruce Borders – Suspense/Animal Humor

David Adair – Thriller/Suspense/Mystery

David M. Salkin – Thriller Author

Elizabeth Noreen Newton – Romantic Thriller

Emma Scott – New Adult Romance

Gisela Hausmann – Non-fiction/Self-help/Marketing

Harmony Kent – Multi-genre Author

Jason Zandri – Contemporary Romance/Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Jennifer Hinsman – Romantic Suspense/Thriller

John Howell – Suspense/Thriller

Karen Frances – Contemporary Romance

Karen Power – Contemporary Fiction

K.K. Allen – Fantasy/Paranormal

Kim Cox – Paranormal Mysteries (with romantic elements)

Lisa S Robinson – Romance

Mark Fine – Historical Fiction/Romantic Suspense

Michael Lynes – Biography/Memoir

Michelle Abbott – Romantic Suspense

Nadege Nicholl – Elementary Grade Fiction

Rebecca Reilly – Christian Marriage Humor

Sarah Michelle Lynch – Contemporary Romance

Stephen Geez – Contemporary Fiction/ Memoir/How-to

Susan Kotch – Middle Grade Fiction

Tamie Dearen – Romantic Comedy/YA Fantasy                               


Each author may choose to offer prizes on his/her given promotion day, but Traci will also be awarding prizes during this event!

At the end of the tour, Traci will draw a random name from her list of participating guest authors. The winner will receive this coffee mug.


In addition, for each visitor who subscribes to Traci’s blog during this event (and/or purchases one of her books), she will enter their name into a drawing to win a $10 Amazon gift card. Her hope is that you will use this card to buy some of the books you see on this tour, and perhaps you will find a new author to add to your favorites list!

gift card

Get ready … the fun begins October 1st!!!


New Scenic Headers


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Welcome to my blog. I hope you enjoy the new headers I’ve added. The headers you see now are rural parts of my local area. Some were taken from the Blue Ridge Parkway, and some are from Chimney Rock. For example, the rocky river is a river near Chimney Rocky called the Rocky Broad River. Much of the filming of Dirty Dancing took place near Chimney Rock. There are also images that were taken closer to my home. Taken in October of 2014, during what we call the “leaf season” is my favorite month. This is when the leaves are in their highest color while preparing for winter.  Spring is my second favorite season. Can you tell I like color? Fall leaves and Spring flowers splash the mountains with an abundance of beauty.

Most of the scenes in my newest release are similar, written during the fall season as well. THE WEDDING CRASHER takes place partly in Marshville, a “fictional” small rural mountain town about an hour north of Knoxville, Tennessee. Knoxville is about two hours from my home town. I wanted to write about an area I knew well, and that’s why I chose neighboring Tennessee for the location. I have another WIP that is set in a fictional town near the Lake Lure/Chimney Rock location. That book is now is titled FOR THE LOVE OF MONEY. It’s partially written and I hope to release it sometime in 2016.

Please enjoy the scenic images in my header. I would love to hear what you think of them, what locations you enjoy reading about, and even what locations in your area that are near and dear to you.