On Tour – Jason Zandri -Author of “I, Hero: Nathan Returns” #RRBC

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I am pleased to welcome Jason Zandri to Fiction Favorites. Jason is on tour to promote his book I, Hero: Nathan Returns. Jason, welcome.

Thanks, John. It is with great pleasure that I introduce to everyone, via the blog tour, the very first look at “I, Hero: Nathan Returns”.

I, Hero: Nathan Returns – Excerpt I


The morning sun rose over the horizon and immediately began to heat the crisp morning air.

A middle-aged woman sat on a park bench with a small, mixed breed dog on a leash. The dog sniffed around at the grass to the left rear of the bench and the woman turned her back to face her dog.

She was holding her smart phone and had ear buds in her ears. She listened to music that played while an older gentleman with white hair, dressed in a long suit coat, came along. He moved alongside the…

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