September Rants

Hi Readers,

I just want to mention a couple of rants I’ve had recently. I’d love to hear yours. Let me know. Maybe we can start a weekly or monthly rant column. 😀

Which was should I go here? Relax. Dan has the answer.

Fall Season

On the news, as early as mid-August, they reported the temperatures have been extremely high for the fall season. It wasn’t FALL yet and it still isn’t. The official Fall date is September 22, 2018. That’s tomorrow folks.

As long as I’ve been alive, August has always been the hottest month of SUMMMER. 🙂

To top that off, I received a newsletter last week that went something like this, “Can you believe summer has ended and it’s already fall . . . ”

As people, we tend to rush time. The rush to Friday, the rush to Christmas, the rush to cooler temperatures, the rush to spring flowers, the rush to summer, and the list goes on. I prefer to live in the present and be hopeful of the future. I haven’t always, but I do now. Must have something to do with my age.


If you’re like me, you’re subscribed to many newsletters and blogs.

When I subscribe to a newsletter, I normally expect one per month. I can even understand one a week, but I still prefer not to receive that many emails from one list. I sent a survey to my newsletter subscribers and I asked them, How often would you like to receive an email from me? The number one answer was once per month, and the number two answer was twice per month.

That said, I recently subscribed to a newsletter that sends me three (3) emails per day. What? That’s right, three emails per day. There’s another that sends out one per day. I’m not usually a long-time subscriber to these types of newsletters. Normally, they include the same information and more times than not, it’s wanting me to buy their product.

So, if you have a newsletter that you email to your subscribers, please keep this in mind. Blogs, in my opinion, are different. People can visit a blog and read at their leisure. You may think email is the same, but in reality, it isn’t.

If I save an email to read later, chances are, I never get back to it even if I mark it.

Note: The above are my opinions based on experiences.


Have a great weekend, and please let me know of your recent rants.


#EggcerptExchange: HOMETOWN HEARTACHE by M. J. Schiller

I am participating in the Author Helping Authors – Egg-cerpt Exchange.

Today, I am featuring M. J. Schiller, author of Hometown Heartache.


new-york-gray HOMETOWN HEARTACHE teaser


Blurb ~

HometownHeartache_CVR_MEDNash is trying to make a name for himself in the art world…

But when he meets a realtor to buy a gallery, he is stunned to find Chloe sitting at the table with the man. He has never stopped thinking about her since she disappeared from his life without a trace. Is it too late to win back her love?

Chloe has finally found a way to leave her past behind her…

But her heart leaps out of her chest when she sees Nash. How can he be here? Now…after all this time? On the surface, she pulls herself back together. But underneath she feels she is about to shatter. After remaking herself, how can she deal with being faced with Nash and the life she knew before?

If this chance meeting doesn’t rip Chloe and Nash apart, he will.

Little do they know, someone has been lurking in the shadows, manipulating them all along. If he has his way, the two will never be reunited. Even if he has to take one of them out to ensure it.

Excerpt ~

Outside, I paid a valet attendant to let me park my truck near the front, so I could see her come out. Minutes later, the pair strolled through the door, Jack seeming miffed and Chloe obviously trying to reassure him. As I watched, she reached up on her tiptoes and pulled his head down to whisper in his ear. He laughed and slid his arms around her, letting his hands move down to grab her ass, tightly housed, I saw now, in a short black skirt. My eyes wandered, as his hands had, over her firm rear and the seeming endlessness of her legs, lengthened even more by the racy black heels she wore. They cut a pretty picture—Chloe, light and sensual, Jack, tall, broad-chested, with dark blond, well-groomed hair and a glowing smile. My hands gripped the steering wheel, observing until the valet maneuvered a sleek, red Ferrari into the spot in front of the hotel where the awning and red carpet ended. Jack reached to open the door for her. She folded her long legs into the vehicle, laughing, head tilted flirtatiously as her eyes danced over the high-priced realtor.

An unfamiliar tightening in my chest grabbed me, and I fought to swallow the fire which seemed to be rising within me, choking me with its intensity. I automatically steered my beat-up, blue pickup truck onto the street behind the red Ferrari, following it through the thick knots of traffic in the downtown theatre district. I could see through the rear window she was sitting nearly on top of him.

Don’t those things have stick shifts, for God’s sake?

Purchase Links ~

Author Bio ~

Profile Pic 4 even biggerMJ is a lunch lady in the heart of Central Illinois. My gosh! Can you get more folksy than that? She met her husband at the University of Missouri-Columbia and now she has a nineteen-year-old (how did that happen?) and seventeen year old triplets! She loves to read, karaoke (where she can pretend she is a rock star) and spends WAY too much time on Facebook. She grew up in St. Louis and still has family there.






Character ~

Favorite place to visit– no question, our treehouse! Nash’s and mine. Well, it’s not exactly ours, unless you count squatter’s rights. We sort of…appropriated it.
Significant other- none. Significant or not.
Worst fear or nightmare– someone touching the real me.
Favorite food– it’s gotta be za. Pizza, that is. And chocolate. Or maybe chocolate coated pizza. Now that’s an idea!
Wealthy, poor, or somewhere in between?- money actually doesn’t mean much to me. All I need is enough to pay my bills and occasionally get a new outfit. Even when I do get a new outfit, you can bet it’s an affordable one and not some designer piece.