How to Use Facebook Ads to Gain Subscribers and to Promote a Giveaway

Nicholas C. Rossis

As promised at the end of my post, My Facebook Ads Experience and 3 Marketing Rules, here are two alternative ways you can use Facebook ads to gain subscribers and to promote a giveaway.

One Alternative Model

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During December, I teamed up with authors Autumn Birt and P.H. Solomon to run Facebook ads in order to gain subscribers.

The way we did this was by giving away one book each, and sharing the subscribers among ourselves.

Autumn set everything up, and she did a wonderful job. We spent $1 daily each, and ended up with 85 new subscribers at a cost of $30. This means that each subscriber cost us just $0.35.

The only drawback with this model is that there is no tripwire page. Which means there’s not even the possibility of you recouping the money spent on the ads.

Incidentally, we…

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How Much Social Media Do Authors Really Need? (Guest Post by Janice Spina)

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog


If you are just starting out or contemplating writing a book – here are some tips I learned along the way.

When I first started out as an author over three years ago I had no idea what to do with social media. I spoke with my talented artist friend, Ara Atkinson-Skinner, who I met while on vacation in Aruba and she coached me, a fledgling writer who had dreams of becoming a successful author one day. Boy, did I have some surprises coming and a rude awakening! I remembered becoming so excited and yet anxious anticipating what I needed to put into practice. Ara was a godsend to me and helped me get started on my journey to become an author. I can’t thank her enough. She gave me the tools and the confidence to believe in myself so that I could begin my journey. I didn’t know…

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Promo?? ugh…

Sheryl Hames Torres

Whoever thought up the word PROMO spelled it incorrectly. They gave it one too many letters. Surely, in truth, this must be one of the vilest cuss words known. A body should be able to use this word to reduce some evil person to tears.

The art of promotion has changed worlds since I first started this game, and since I took YEARS off, I’m having to learn all over again, and I am…slowly.  In the last couple weeks, I’ve learned I have to do blogs.  :-/ That may prove…trying. LOL You all know how much I LOVE blogging. Yeah, not. I’ve been given many differing suggestions on making this as painless as possible. We’ll see.

One of the new promo tools I’ve discovered is Pinterest. Now this I’m having fun with. I’ve set up a separate board for each book I have out and each I’m working on. This…

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Twitter Tips for Authors – Planning & Scheduling

Cassidy's Bookshelves

Like it or not, indie authors have to be  proactive in social media if they want potential readers to discover their books.  Twitter is one of the most popular avenues for getting the word out.  In this post I offer a few suggestions on how to manage your tweets and promote others at the same time.

First, a Few Words about Tweeting in General
Obviously, you want to tweet about your masterpiece and you hope that others will retweet for you.  But your Twitter feed should not be all about you and your book.  Tweet about stuff that interests you and might interest your followers as well – for example, writing tips (from someone else’s blog) or  your reviews of someone else’s great book.  Retweet others when they post interesting and relevant tweets.  Reciprocate retweets whenever possible – think of it as a team effort.

Making a Tweet Roster
In Microsoft Word or…

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What In The World Are You Retweeting?!!!

Love this.

Watch Nonnie Write!

Hello all!  Today is your lucky day! (again).  You get to hear me “rant” (albeit just a little)  about what you guys retweet.  Although this thought had been in my head for quite some time, two people popped up last week and said to ME: @nonniejules It’s nice that people RT and all, but these guys need to RT stuff regarding our books. That’s why we’re here, right? I mean, does the world really need to know that my other Twitter friend said “Good morning?”   (These two tweets were combined).

I often speak about SUPPORT and how important it is to show support of your peers/colleagues/friends, whatever you want to call them, but, it’s also very important that you show that support in a mindful manner.  To me that means a couple of things:

1)  When one of your Twitter friends has shared a link, or has posted something…

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How To Become a Great Supporter on and off of Social Media…namely Twitter!

Excellent post on how you can support your fellow author.

Watch Nonnie Write!

Hello Twitter!  Hello Facebook!  Hello all you other fantastically, engaging social media forums (many of which I’m not familiar with at all).  Lastly, hello to all you wonderful people who utilize these mediums with great success.

Since the inception of MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and numerous other social media forums, we are now living in an age of unlimitless ways to market ourselves, our products, our life, and everything about, and around us. (I, for one don’t think this over-sharing of information is at all safe or a good idea, by the way.  I use social media STRICTLY for marketing and business purposes only).

Martin Luther King, Jr. once said, “I will never be what I ought to be until you are what you ought to be.”  What does that mean to you?  Well, to me it means that we all need one another and that if I am to reach…

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