I have new interview questions and I’m looking for indie, self-published and hybrid authors – is that you?

Book Club Mom

Are you an indie, self-published or hybrid author looking for a way to tell the world about your books? Who’s That Indie Author is a great way to introduce yourself to readers. It’s also an opportunity to connect with bloggers and expand your network through connections on WordPress and social media. I have a new set of Who’s That Indie Author interview questions and I’m looking for you!

Take advantage of a chance to show your talents. Submit an author profile and see your name travel from blog to blog and tweet to tweet!

Check out these Who’s That Indie Author profiles from 2022 and imagine yourself in the spotlight:

Jacqueline Church Simonds
Jacqui Murray
J.Q. Rose
Heather J. Bennett
Priscilla Bettis

Email Book Club Mom at bvitelli2009@gmail.com for more information.

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