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on Career Authors:

The question for author Ben Mezrich came from an audience member high up in the amphitheater seating.

“What would be your advice for a beginning author?”

Ben (the author of The Accidental Billionaires which became the movie The Social Network and the new The Anti-Social Network which will soon be the movie Dumb Money)  thought about that, and then said: “You can write whatever you want, and that’s fine. But “writing what you want” may not be the point.  You need to think about whether anyone else would want to read it. You need to think about–will this SELL?”

And that brings up a dilemma every author has faced:  Whether to take someone else’s suggestions if they might put your book on the road to a sale.

Let’s agree that it’s always possible that someone other than you has a good idea. In fact, it’s likely…

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