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Courtesy of Canva

Hi SEers! Denise here to talk about common grammar errors in writing.

Back in the day, run-on sentences used to be a big problem. My teachers would constantly remind me of this issue. My only excuse was I had so many ideas I could barely contain them.

Let’s look at some common issues for writers. This is not a complete list, but a good place to start. Since I already talked about comma rules,  I won’t include them.

Courtesy of Canva

  • Run-on sentences. There are three different types. A polysyndeton is when two full sentences are put together without correct punctuation. Then there is a fused sentence when two independent clauses are joined without that needed punctuation. The final one is a comma splice or when a comma is thrown in without a coordinating conjunction. Example for a polysyndeton: My grandkids swam in the public pool a…

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