16 Creative Ways Authors Promote Nonfiction Books on Instagram – by Shailee Shah…

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on BookBub Insights:

Instagram’s booming book scene is no secret; there are nearly 70 million posts with the hashtag #bookstagram on the social media platform. For many authors, Instagram can be an important place to connect with readers and promote their books, both fiction and nonfiction. Also, in the first quarter of 2021, adult nonfiction was up 24% over its first-quarter performance in 2020. As interest in the genre continues to grow, Instagram can be a useful tool in getting your nonfiction books in front of a wider audience of readers.

For inspiration, we’ve put together a list of 16 creative ways nonfiction authors have used Instagram to promote their titles. Though these are all nonfiction examples, we hope this sparks some book marketing ideas regardless of what genre you write or publish!

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