The Late Letter: Part One

Give Me Pen and Paper

“Freida, have you seen my socks?”

“Oh how perfect, Lukas! You cannot keep track even of your own socks and you think it is good to go and live by yourself!”

“I won’t be alone. I’ll be in the barracks with twenty other men.”

“And which of all those men is going to keep track of your socks like I can?”

“None of them, Freida. I suppose I’ll just have to get used to walking around barefoot.”

Freida didn’t find Lukas’s solution very funny. She turned in a huff and walked walked out of the room.

“Freida…” Lukas implored, dropping the bundle of clothes on the floor and hurrying after her into the small kitchen that doubled as a receiving room. Freida tried to hurry out the front door before Lukas could catch her, but as her hand turned the knob his powerful fingers held hers fast.

“Let go of…

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