7 Tips to Having Nobility in Fiction

Legends of Windemere

King Bugs Bunny

As a fantasy author, I have to consider the layers of society.  Nobles are the clearest division because they are composed of the kings, queens, princes, princesses, and other titled folks.  A reader will have an immediate reaction to these characters even if they don’t realize it.  So, what is the best way to use them if they’re more than window dressing for the story?

  1. Not every noble has to be a pompous ass.  This is a strange trap that authors tend to run into, but readers don’t typically complain.  Maybe it’s a societal effect that those in the lower classes of society prefer to see those above us as evil.  Yet, it creates a problem for the fantasy world.  How could the civilization survive if everyone running it is selfish, evil, and corrupt?  You’d have to create a dystopian setting for that to make complete sense.

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