Long & Short-Story Reviews

The Long and Short Stories of Life

Hi everybody! It’s the end of February and I’m deeply into 2022 reading! I’ve reread a few classics, a few traditionally published novels, and a number of books and short stories by Independent Authors. The books featured today are available on Amazon, and I’ve provided the links at the end of each review. Please help me welcome these talented, multi-published authors: Joy York, Pat Garcia, and Yvette Calleiro!


Joy York opens this tale with a graphic murder offering the reader a bit of dramatic irony over the main character, Reagan Asher. When Reagan enters the childhood home where her grandmother has been murdered, she thinks the murder was a simple home invasion gone wrong, but we know it’s more sinister than that.

While waiting for Detective Brad Kowalski, the officer who called her to the scene, Reagan hears noises coming from her grandmother’s bedroom. Of…

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