Why You Should Write What You Don’t Know – by Beatrice Manuel…

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On Live Write Thrive:

We’ve all heard the golden advice passed down from generations of successful writers and authors etched into history. The great Mark Twain said it himself: “Write what you know.” I’m here to tell you to do the opposite of the status quo.

Going beyond my comfort zone was one of the best things I did, both for my creative path as an aspiring writer and as a freelance content creator. In 2017, I was sitting in my college dorm and watching my roommate read 50 Shades of Grey when it all began. She had a painful grimace on her face and, after a good ten minutes, put the book down with a huff.

“This isn’t turning out to be the spicy adult romance I wanted,” she said. “I need something to cleanse my palate.” She then turned to me, eyes widening. “Hey, why don’t you try…

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