Publishing Scammers are Everywhere: How to Stay Safe – by Anne R. Allen…

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Publishing Scammers get more brazen all the time, and there seem to be more of them every day. Sometimes I wonder if all those people who have mysteriously quit their jobs aren’t now working as con artists and phone scammers.

Just recently, the respected site Wattpad ran a contest that involved a blatant rights grab that gave them rights to any submission in perpetuity. That’s right. Not only do you have to pay to enter, but your entry now belongs to them, and they can publish it without giving you credit. Forever.

Victoria Strauss at Writer Beware was on her toes and called them on it.

When even legit companies are scamming writers, what can a new writer do?

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2 thoughts on “Publishing Scammers are Everywhere: How to Stay Safe – by Anne R. Allen…

  1. It is shocking the level that scammers will go to, in any industry. The one that seems to be very common is the “giveaway” scam. Where a real author, publisher will offer a giveaway on social media and then some scammer will create a fake account that looks almost identical to the real one and reach out privately to people who entered saying they’ve won but need to send a “small fee”.

    I can’t believe Wattpad where grabbing people’s rights! Although, I heard Patreon has certain things in their terms and conditions that claim they can use things you put on their website, anyway they want.

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