10 Dangerous Critiques: Beware Misguided Writing Advice – by Anne R. Allen…

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One of the most damaging things a new writer can do is try to please everybody who beta-reads or critiques  their WIP.  I’ve seen a novel turned into a kind of jackalope of unrelated parts.

If you tend to be a “people pleaser” this can be a real problem.

I’ve been swayed by these dangerous critiques a few times myself.  One of my Camilla romcom mysteries has suffered the wrath of reviewers because there’s too much realism going on with one character’s tummy tuck.  I had made the mistake of taking advice from one of these dangerous critiques: A man told me with great authority what  a complicated procedure a tummy tuck is.  So in spite of my own experience with tummy-tucked friends who had no such complications, I let his confidence sway me. So  I added way too much clinical detail to my breezy romcom.

I learned some things.

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