How Many Ways Can You Think of to Replace the Word “Love” – By Kathy Steinemann…

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on Anne R. Allen:

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day!

Do you want to spice up the card you bought for your sweetheart? Maybe you’re writing a romance, and you need a few alternatives for love.

People might say they love doughnuts, kittens, or coffee, but maybe they savor doughnuts, fawn over kittens, and crave coffee. Or perhaps they daydream about doughnuts, preferkittens to puppies, and can’t live without coffee.

Most people love (most of?) their family. Obsessive love or absence of it can provide a framework for subplots or entire novels.

“Show Don’t Tell”

Instead of telling about a character’s love, show it whenever possible.

The following beats could indicate several levels of attraction, including adoration, arousal, desire, flirtatiousness, infatuation, and love.

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