Take Back Your Book: An Author’s Guide to Rights Reversion and Publishing on Your Terms – Katlyn Duncan…

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on The Creative Penn:

How can you take back your rights when publishing conditions change? How can you make sure you sign contracts that make it easier for rights reversion in the future?

Show Notes

  • What is rights reversion and why is it so important to consider — even before you sign a contract (or upload a book as an indie)?
  • Clauses to watch out for in publishing contracts — and how to make sure you can get your rights back
  • How to approach a publisher for rights reversion
  • What you actually get back when rights are reverted (i.e. it’s not your cover or layout)
  • What to do once your rights are reverted — and why you should stop and think about the long term before re-publishing
  • What if you’re embarrassed or ashamed that it didn’t work out with a publisher?

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