How to tell a Story: The Rule of Three How to tell a Story: The Rule of Three – by Anne R. Allen…

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I love to listen to local storytelling events — the ones that mimic the NPR “Moth” Radio Hour stories. They’re popular again in this area after the long shut-down. People gather around to tell true stories about events they’ve experienced. Alcohol or caffeine may be involved.

I say they “mimic” the Moth Radio Hour to be polite. It’s amazing how many people have no clue what storytelling is.

They don’t know there’s a world of difference between telling an entertaining story and reminiscing  about that time back in 1972 when you and your buddies dropped acid on that fishing trip and there was a bear…except it was a raccoon…and Fred thought it was a hat…and Kevin started singing the Davy Crockett song…and you got in a fight over whether Davy “kilt him a bear” or “built him a bar” when he was only three…

And eventually the bored crowd semi-politely…

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