Essential Skills For Writer Friends #AmWriting

This is so true. Thank you to all my Special Friends!

Writer friends are special people. They share our passion for writing stories, they have trodden the same creative path as us, they can relate to our writing highs and lows and they also spent their youth getting excited about going to the library and getting English homework at school. They are there for us in the dark times and you know they are only a Twitter, Instagram or Facebook message away.

Here are the essential skills that I believe are required to be a writer friend:

  • Must be mad about writing and books.
  • Must also be a few tweets away from forming a querying support group on Twitter.
  • Must be fuelled by chocolate, moonlight, caffeine, clothing garments which have pockets and brilliance.
  • Must excel at tweeting thought provoking GIFs about writer problems.
  • Must be a fellow hoarder of beautiful notebooks.
  • Must enjoy the idea of having a ‘creative working lunch’…

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