Do You Need Critiques If You Have An Agent? Guess Post by Lucia’s Fiction

Uninspired Writers

This week’s post comes courtesy of Lucia’s Fiction, and offers a great opportunity to get your work critiqued.

Literary agents have various styles of working, and if you’ve been in the writing world long enough you must have heard of hands-on and hands-off agents. If you haven’t:

Ahands-onagent is one who is very editorial. To improve the quality of your manuscript, they can have you do at least two rounds of edits. Or twenty.

Ahands-off(or not-so-hands-on) agent is an agent who gives little to no editorial feedback on your book.

Because many agentsarehands-on with manuscripts, it can be easy to forget that there are agents whoaren’t. And so one might possess the misconception that once you have an agent, you are set. You only have to do minimal editorial work on your manuscript and that your agent will handle the rest of it.

Honestly? This can be a…

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