5 questions to ask yourself if you’re writing from multiple narrative view points

Uninspired Writers

In all genres, you can find novels with multiple narrative points of view. Some stories need it in order to tell a well-rounded tale, others are enhanced by it, but others are just confusing. There are pros and cons of writing this way. I’ve only ever written novels with at least two view points, and so I’m sharing some of the tips I’ve learned along the way, including answering these questions before and during writing.

Is it essential?
First and foremost…why are you writing from more than one point of view (POV)? Is it essential to the story? There should be a reason you’ve chosen not to take your lead character and leave the storytelling to them alone. Perhaps it allows you to bring in a perspective hidden from the other character, shows another side to the story, or adds additional suspense and mystery. Have a think about…

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