The 5 Types of Lines We Use to Craft Stories (and How to Use Them to Reveal Character) – by September Fawkes…

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Recently I was listening to a lecture from #1 New York Times best-selling author Brandon Sanderson where he listed four different kinds of lines we use to write stories–and while I knew each type existed, I had never really thought of listing them out and talking about them, and as I considered that, I also thought of another type he didn’t mention.

When it comes to actually writing a story (on a line-by-line level), you really only have five elements to do that with. And one of the differences between a beginning writer and a professional-level writer, is that a professional-level writer will convey more than what the lines are saying on the page–they’ll convey more than the text itself. In contrast, a beginning writer often uses more words than necessary to convey concepts that the audience already understands. So while a professional writer tends to write text jam-packed with…

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