East Wind Chapter Three

Have We Had Help?


Mamma’s great-grandson Chang swabbed East Wind’s deck and polished her brass work. Nothing Bill demanded of him was too much trouble. East Wind was heading north along the western coast of the Malaysian peninsula. Her destination – Malacca. Mamma had contracted to have a woman delivered from there in safety to Kota Bahru on Malaysia’s north-eastern coast, close to the border with Thailand, no questions asked. For Bill it was easy money. On their arrival Chang went ashore to collect their passenger.

Why she couldn’t simply travel overland to Kota was something that Bill would have to wait to find out, if at all. If Mamma was involved, she must be someone special. He would have to be patient, a trait he was not known for, unless you crossed him. Then no matter how long it took, he would inevitably exact his sometimes violent revenge upon you.



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