Wednesday Writing — Ending Characters

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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

ItIsn’tBlack andWhite

Welcome to my sanctuary, everyone. Sit back and get comfortable. I’m feeling a little off kilter, but not bad. Maybe that’s because I was thinking about “black and white” and all the gray areas that surround it. (That’s odd, considering how much a physically need color around me.) The slide show above includes some of the black and white images I made for the interior of various “Journeys” in Dead of Winter.Some of the characters in that epic fantasy are gray… certainly not heroes, and yet not all together evil.

Often ending a character isn’t black and white either. Maybe I’m just shallow, or maybe it’s because my life’s history, but I don’t like it when characters die in TV shows, movies, or in books. I rarely “kill off” any character in my stories, good or evil. However, as I…

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2 thoughts on “Wednesday Writing — Ending Characters

    • My pleasure, Teagan! 😀 It’s pretty nice, starting to get cooler. Still warm during the day but cold at night. The fall weather is running a bit late. The leaves are normally in full colorful by the third week of October, but it’s still looking mostly green right now. So, we’ll see what happens by the beginning of next week.

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