How Much Do I Need To Describe My Character’s Appearance? – By Lucy V Hay…

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on Helping Writers become Authors:

How characters look is a much-discussed element of writing craft. So, just how much do we need to describe our character’s appearance?

Obviously individual writers’ mileage may vary on this question. Some authors may spend a lot of time on character appearance. Others may do it more intuitively, or leave it almost entirely up to the reader’s imagination.

Coming from a screenwriting background, character appearance is a hot topic with my ‘Bang2writers’ because of casting. The ‘right’ actor for a character may refer to personality, but also appearance. For example, a LOT of people felt Tom Cruise was entirely the wrong choice for Lee Child’s Jack Reacher character!

With this background in mind then, I am going to offer up my top tips on character appearance in your novel. Ready? Let’s go …

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