EDIT Online Graphics Editor Review

Nicholas C. Rossis

Today’s post is the second of a 4-part series that started with DesignCap’s review. The series explores three sites that can help you create stunning visuals and offer a free version.

As a bonus, some of them will give away free subscriptions to the first five of my readers to click on the links at the end!

How EDIT can help you

EDIT is an online graphics editor service. It promises to simplify your design experience by offering you a bunch of templates to choose from.

EDIT helps you create design material for your social media and web pages, but also lots of printable material, like flyers, business cards, or posters.

EDIT seems to be targeting people who have already some knowledge on creating design material, as it includes quite a few tools for you to work with.  There are of course templates that you can follow. However…

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