A Romance Book Blogger’s Top 10 Fictional Male Crushes #Romance #Books ❤️ 🕺🏼

As a romantic book blogger I come into daily contact with some attractive fictional men. I have more fictional crushes with book characters in a week than you have hot dinners. It is a tough but very rewarding pastime.

So, it is time to compile my top 10 fictional male crushes.

This top 10 chart is based on:

  • The number of hot flushes a book character has given me.
  • Whether a book character has entered my dreams at night.
  • The power level on my electric fan I went up to while reading about them. For noting my electric fan has three levels; cooling, moderate & full blast.

Okay here we go in REVERSE order:

10.Bruce from Alix Kelso’s The Perfect Moment.With his thick dark hair, his grey-blue eyes and his great smile, he also made me think of the way the sky clears after a storm.When…

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