Things I Consider When Writing Fictional Friendships In Romance Books #writing #amwritingromance 👫👯‍♀️

Lucy Mitchell

This post is based on my learnings from writing my debut romcom; Instructions For Falling In Love Again, everything I gleaned from working with two editors and reading a ton of contemporary romcom books featuring fictional friendships through my book blogging.

I am going to be honest here. Until I started working with my editors, the fictional friendships in my stories were not given enough focus or attention. I got so carried away with writing the romance I didn’t appreciate the importance of fictional friendships.

Fictional friendships need to be believable and relatable. When I say fictional friends I mean those minor characters who support your main heroine or hero. They can be male or female. I did try to find a pic for this blog post showing both men and women but I couldn’t find one. Will try harder next time.

So, as a romance reader I want…

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