Top 10 Writing Tips by Bestselling Author Linda Huber @LindaHuber19 #AmWriting

Shelley Wilson Author

Welcome to week 2 of our Top 10 Writing Tips by… feature. Learning from mentors helps us to improve and evolve in our chosen field, and I still recall the top tips given to me at the start of my writing journey. In honour of that, and to help the next generation of writers’ young and old, I started a feature whereby established authors impart their words of wisdom and share their top ten writing tips.

Next up for the challenge is author Linda Huber.

Top 10 Writing Tips by Linda Huber

Linda Huber, Top 10 Writing Tips, Author Shelley Wilson

The first piece Linda remembers writing was for her Writer’s badge in the Brownies. That was when she discovered how fascinating putting words together was and how powerful words can be. Over the years she’s had fifty-odd short stories and articles printed in women’s magazines, and then in September 2013 her debut novel The Paradise Trees was…

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