Writing Perils: How to Properly Format Your Dialogue Scenes

A Writer's Path

by Liam Cross

A big part of our game is studying the game.

We assess all aspects of social media, analysing the content other pages/people are putting out. We take notes. We look for any gaps/holes. And if they appear, we fill them with wonderful content.

That’s how the title for this article came about.

There’s so much information out there for writers, but in our opinion, not enough of it covers the basics. And when we say basics, we mean basics. You may have read that title and thought to yourself, Seriously? So if that’s you, this article probably isn’t of much use.

However, if you happen to be one of the (many) writers who still aren’t sure about proper speech formatting (as in, formatting that is publication ready), then stick around – we’re about to change that.

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