Preparing For A Writers Conference: What To Take

K.M. Allan

Tomorrow I’m attending my first writers conference.

I haven’t been to one before, mainly because I always seem to miss the announcements or they require a flight to another state.

Lucky for me, KidLitVic 2019 is only a short train ride away and specifically covers middle grade and YA. That means a whole day of listening to industry professionals talk about the genre of the books I write and read (yay!).

To soak it all up, I’ve been preparing, panicking, and coming up with the following list of essentials…

Preparing For A Writers Conference: What To Take

A Notebook

Although I know I’ll have trouble deciphering anything written in my illegible handwriting, I will be old-schooling my notes with a pen and notebook. For me, it’s faster than typing on my phone and it will save my phone battery for more important things.

A Charger

To ensure said phone battery…

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