What Writing Fanfic Can Teach You

A Writer's Path

by Sarah Pesce

Fanfic tends to get a bad rap and sometimes is cast as the shameful secret that writers hide about their past for fear that it might damage their reputation as a serious author. It’s “unprofessional” or “just a hobby” or “silly” or “not creative enough.” Anyone who’s ever been in a fandom can easily dismiss all of those criticisms: we’ve all read those fics that are just as good – if not better! – than some published stuff and have the competence, gravitas, and ingenuity to rival anything on the shelves of your local bookstore. And the stigma against fanfic seems to be lessening in recent years, though it’s definitely still there.

For many people, fanfic is an important part of their evolution as a writer – it hones their skills and provides opportunities to grow in ways that improve and strengthen their abilities. Here’s what fanfic…

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