Free Story: Two’s a Crowd

Nicholas C. Rossis

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In April 2018, I posted my thousandth post on this blog. To celebrate, I started sharing here all my short stories. Every couple of weeks, I’ll be posting one story from my celebrated Exciting Destinies series for you to enjoy. With over 30 stories so far, I hope you’ll have lots of fun in the coming months!

This week, it’s “Two’s a Crowd,” a story from Infinite Waters. Click here to read some more free stories.

Two’s a Crowd

“Can you believe that idiot?” I spat the words as soon as I slammed the car door shut.

“Honey, that idiot is your older brother.” My wife looked at the mirror and patted her lips with her index finger. She opened her purse, oblivious to my rage.

Older brother? He’s, like, ten minutes older than me!”

Susan pressed her…

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