Can you really recognize a liar?

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We all like to think we can spot a lie from ten paces. But can we really? How many times has someone fooled you?

Ernest Hemingway quote - A writer of Fiction...

Why am I asking about liars? Because knowing how to spot one, is helpful in writing. If we know how people recognize when someone is lying we can use those signs for a villain. The body language of a liar is great fodder for a story.

Add body language of a liar to round out your antagonist.

 So if you bullshit meter needs fine turning then check out this article on this subject…

10 Easy Ways to Recognize Liars by Lifespan

Here is the show don’t tell, tips I gleaned about liars.

  • Fails to make eye contact. Looks at the floor, ceiling or hands. Or, make eye contact with an unblinking stare.
  • Avoids using contractions.  “I did not…” instead of “I didn’t…”
  • Answers question with a…

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